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About Us

STEEL Ridge Robotics was founded in August of 2016 by our head coach, Jeff Brink. The year before, he had been inspired to look into FRC when a graduating senior who had recently moved to Ridgefield mentioned FIRST. The student had told Mr. Brinks class, "Every high school student should be on a robotics team." This strong of a statement encouraged Mr. Brink to check out an off season event and apply for grants. On August 1st he heard back from Diamler about a large grant, and STEEL Ridge was born.

In the years following our rookie year we have grown immensely, with our first year team size at 9 total members, having about 28 by our eighth year! This growth has kept us heavily focused on ingraining FIRST's guiding principles into all of our members and securing the team's future. 

Our core principles are STEEL; we are Strong leaders who persevere through hardship and accept difficult challenges. We are Trustworthy and dependable to each other and ourselves, we trust one another and build positive relationships based on such. Our work is effective and we strive to reach our goals and make every minute count with an Enthusiastic work ethic. We are Empowering to one another and create a supportive, safe environment for all. Lastly, we provide Leadership and guidance to others through our journey using aspects of both STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math)  and STEEL (Strong, Trustworthy, Empowered, Enthusiastic, Leaders.)

We work all year round to build robots that compete in challenges against other teams across the globe. FIRST Robotics Competition, the organizer of said challenges, gives us a new game challenge each year that we must create a robot for. Using 3-D designs, electrical engineering, programming, and mechanical engineering, we design our own robot to compete against teams from other schools who’ve made their own robots as well.


Our goal is to compete and have fun in these brand new games and persevere through tough challenges; to make changes and help our community and environment; to be ourselves and to learn the importance of teamwork. COVID-19 created new challenges for us and disappointment with the cancelation of our season.  We are very excited and gearing up for this year's FRC's Interactive Rapid React Challenge. This year is our 5th year competing in FIRST as a robotics team!


 Team picture of 2023! 


Design Team hard at work for pre-season planning 


Mr. Stryker teaching the Controls sub-team 


Members working on our new swerve robot, Larry


Telepatata at Trunk Or Treat 2023!

20180331 DSC_0952.jpg

 Mr. Stryker helps out on the field! 

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