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Seniors of 2022

Ethan Caddy

Ethan joined STEEL Ridge Robotics in 2018. He has since joined and guided the Controls sub team. With a 2nd level certification in Controls, he has provided leadership to the team in guiding the controls aspect of the robot. He joined robotics because he ..."liked the idea of working with robots. Going into this [he] had no idea what [he] was doing. Now [he] can wire an entire robot by [himself] using the experience and expertise that [he has] gained over the years in robotics." 

Seniors of 2021

Wyatt Boer

Wyatt joined STEEL Ridge Robotics in the pre-season of the team's second year (2017). He was the first member to start a Sub-Team for designing with CAD and 3-D modeling, assists the Mechanicals Sub-Team, and has been a big help to Founders Council. Wyatt has been a member of the team for 4 years. In his future he plans on attending Oregon State University for a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering.


Seniors of 2020

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Eli Holter

Eli is one of the founding members of STEEL Ridge Robotics. He is the head programmer and also is the director of our robotics camp Spud Bot Academy. He has been a member for all of 3 years, since our rookie year in 2017. Eli has been our main driver at competitions for all three of his years. After graduating he plans to attend Washington State University for a Bachelors in computer science.

Maxwell Recker

Max is also a founding member of STEEL Ridge. He has been the lead of the Mechanical Team for three years since joining in 2017. Max plans to attend Spokane Community College to finish his AA and then continue on to Western Washington University for a career in Electrical Engineering.

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Stella Blystone

Stella joined STEEL Ridge Robotics in the post season of the team's rookie year (2017). She works as our head marketing team member and helps with web design. Stella has been a member of the team for 2.5 years. In her future she plans on attending Central Washington University for a Bachelors in Business Management and Marketing. 

Brenden Walker

Brenden is a founding member of STEEL Ridge Robotics. He focuses on being a good leader for our Controls Sub-Team, which he has been the head of for three years now. In his future Brenden plans to finish his associates degree at Clark College, working for 2-3 years and then attending a University in order to advance his future career as a Mechanical Engineer.

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Olivia Waldron

Olivia has been on STEEL Ridge Robotics for two years so far. Her passion is for Mechanical Engineering, but she is also an incredible artist. She has been on the team for 2 years. So far, Olivia has done a beautiful drawing of all three competition robots we have built, which are then put on posters around Ridgefield High School. In the future Olivia hopes to go to the University of Washington for a Masters in Architecture.

Michael Allegri

Michael is a rookie to STEEL Ridge Robotics, but is an incredibly valuable member nonetheless. His focus is to assist the Programming team. In his future Michael will be joining the Navy as a CTT.

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