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Our Mentors & Coaches

Chad Stryker

Mr. Stryker is a professional Electrical Hardware Engineer at Tektronix Inc. in Beaverton, Oregon. At his job, he designs and tests printed circuit assemblies and develops circuitry for electronic test equipment. Mr. Stryker has helped Steel Ridge immensely over his six years with the team, mentoring the Controls Sub-Team. We are thankful to have him here!

Steve Rinard

Mr. Rinard, Graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Washington State University in 2007. He has been teaching at Ridgefield HS since 2008. Mr. Rinard has taught mathematics and recently began teaching Introduction to Engineering and Design as well as Computer Science Principles. Mr. Rinard currently works with the Programming and Drive Teams.

Shawna Meyer-Ravelli

Mrs. Ravelli joins the Steel Ridge Robotics team as the Marketing and Business Mentor.  She works at Intel as a Director of Cloud Marketing and has over 15+ years of experience as a technology executive and go-to-market leader in software, hardware, and cloud.

Ken Kirkelie

Mr. Kirkelie has been in the Spudder family since 2011. He currently runs his own business in the Vancouver-Ridgefield area. He has become our machine shop specialist and enjoys working on CNC's in his spare time. 

Steve Roth


Jason CraiN

Mr. Crain comes from an engineering background and has multiple engineering degrees from Oregon State University. Jason is a product building manager for conveyor components for a distribution center.  He enjoys spending time with his daughters outside of work and robotics. 

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