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What Are Sub-Teams?

Sub-Teams are what we consider to be sub-divisions of our overall Robotics Team. Each Sub-Team has specific tasks that helps our team be successful. A members's Sub-Team is based on their own choices and interests. Below is an explanation of the tasks each team accomplishes.

What are the specialties of our Sub-Teams?

Design Sub-Team:

  • Creating models, prototypes, and robot designs

  • Brainstroming robot designs

  • Utlizing 3-D design software to delvelope and model a robot physically

  • Preparing 2-D drawings from the 3-D model for use in fabrication

  • Collaborating with Mechanical team to prototype and test mechanisms

Mechanical Sub-Team:

  • Fabricating machine parts and assembling robots

  • Brainstorming and building physical designs

  • Creating mechanisms for proper functions of the robot

  • Maintaining the guidelines presented by the FRC Physical Robot Design Rules

  • Assuring robots are in functioning order, working properly, and are undamaged

Controls/Electrical Sub-Team:

  • Organizing a layout for the Electrical Wiring of robots

  • Fabricating a wiring system, as well as mounting electronics

  • Maintaining a robot's power and electrical system

  • Working with other Sub-Teams to configure proper electrical organization, coordinating to a robot's build


Progamming Sub-Team:

  • Writes and & tests progam codes that enables control of the robot.

  • They learn progaming languages and both manual tele-operational and autonomous operation.


Marketing/ Business sub-team:

  • Prepares and manages a business plan to ensure the sustainablity of the team.

  • Creates and distributes communication mediums for & about the Steel Ridge Robotics, team 6343.

  • Manages the teams social medias account, like our Instagram and Youtube. (You can find the link to them at the bottom of the page.)


The Safety Sub-Team:

  • Informs, teaches, and demostrates proper safety techniques.

  • They help with personal protection, injury prevention, and first aid.

Outreach Sub-Team:

  • Coordinates the team's community outreach.

  • Works on establishing and maintaing relationships with other FIRST teams at all age levels.

  • Organizes the teams participation in volunteer community projects.

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