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 frc 2023-2024


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STEEL of the Month

STEEL of the Month is the way our team can spotlight the most hardworking member(s) of each month! We hope you can also appreciate their dedication to the team!

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January STEEL of the Month

Lacey consistently brings a positive attitude and a genuine eagerness to learn. Her unwavering excitement is evident in every task she takes on, serving as a motivating force for the entire team. Lacey leads by example, demonstrating a contagious enthusiasm that inspires her teammates to approach their work with the same level of dedication and passion.

Our team


Team 6343 is a high-school robotics team from Ridgefield, WA. We learn and develop skills including machining, programming, design & OnShape, business, media, as well as creating future Engineers & Leaders.

forging steel



Learn code and create autonomous routines to make the robots come to life in unique and efficient ways


public speaking

Present the team's successes in front of other students, parents, and even sponsors to further the team's growth


design & CAD

Create designs for the future of the team using professional software like onshape and Autodesk Fusion 360



Recruit students and sponsors in the local community and share the team's activities with the rest of the world through social media, newsletters, and mentoring



Machine and assemble important parts of robots using  tools such as 3D Printers 



Work with the rest of the team to capture their work and spirit using a variety of equipments and softwares

and much more!

SpudBot Academy

SpudBot Logo 10-19.png

In summer of 2019, STEEL Ridge founded a one-week long camp for kids to get experience with STEAM and what we do as a robotics team. Throughout the course of the week, kids learn how to build miniature robots, program them to do tasks, design 3-D models using TinkerCAD, and work together as a team! We also offer one day camps throughout the year. They touch on some of our individual skills like just design, programming, or mechanicals. Click below if you are interested  in learning more!

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